I partner with nonprofits to help plan, grow, and implement fundraising plans, major and planned giving programs, and stewardship strategies. My recommendations are rooted in data-driven best practices, fundraising trends, and my experience raising nearly $22 million through major and planned gifts for nonprofits in less than five years. In addition to my fundraising revenue, as a fundraiser I crafted and implemented successful qualification, pipeline building, stewardship, and board solicitation strategies that enhanced each my organization's respective goals.

Partnerships are focused on:

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Planned gifts are generally the largest gift a donor will ever make being on average are 200x - 300x larger than the donor's largest annual gift. Once a donor commits to a planned gift, data shows an average increase of 2x more in outright annual giving. Planned gifts provide the insurance for a nonprofit’s sustainable future.


Stein Strategies helps:

  • Create or refine gift acceptance policies, letters of intent, and gift agreements.

  • Identify top legacy giving prospects.

  • Assist in developing marketing strategies for legacy programs.

  • Strategize and plan legacy challenges.

  • Develop stewardship strategies to retain planned giving commitments.

  • Train board members and staff on how planned giving vehicles function and how to solicit them.



On average, 90% of a nonprofit’s funds come from 10% of their donors. Major giving programs are the cornerstone of a nonprofit’s fundraising success.


Stein Strategies helps:

  • Create or enhance major giving programs by assessing existing program and recommend best practices to incorporate.

  • Identify top major gift prospects and provide prospect research for these prospects.

  • Craft individual cultivation and solicitation strategies.

  • Build out persuasive proposals.

  • Provide best practice recommendations for major donor engagement.

  • Develop stewardship strategies for major donors.

  • Train board members and staff on how to engage in the identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of major giving. 



Fundraising strategic plans and calendars provide direction for the organization, allowing the organization to effectively allocate resources and stay focused. Many organizations overlook this crucial step, but it is critical to develop an efficient and high-functioning development program.


Stein Strategies specializes in:

  • Creating custom fundraising plans that properly organize scarce resources and address realistic goals.

  • Discovering existing donor behavior and create goals based on the data.

  • Creating segmented revenue goals, prepare the calendar year’s solicitations and fundraising events, and develop gift tables.

  • Cohesively tying in the organization’s communications to the donor base.



Stewardship is the lynchpin of any effective fundraising program. Often placed on the back burner, data demonstrates nonprofits need to prioritize stewardship if they want to have a thriving major gift program, realize planned giving commitments, and increase retention.


Stein Strategies helps:

  • Create customized stewardship plans for each of your segmented donor bases.

  • Transition a culture from "count it & forget it" syndrome to active relationship management.



​​This monthly service gives you access to my advice and expertise on anything related to your fundraising and development goals. Topics include major gift fundraising, planned giving, stewardship, board solicitation strategies, updating fundraising strategies, discussing a principal gift or planned gifts, hiring a new development staff person, coaching and training staff on fundraising, benchmarking, key messaging, and cases of support.