I have a unique background as an attorney, fundraiser, and planned giving officer which allows me to close the gap between financial advisors, estate planners, nonprofits, and donors. My services help clients find the right direction, the right organization, and the right charitable giving tools, thereby adding the philanthropic component to your existing service model that studies show clients want.

Philanthropic services are a competitive advantage for financial advisors 

1.5 million

given to charity in 2019 alone

$449.64 billion

In an increasingly competitive landscape, the ability of advisors to provide philanthropic advisement is a competitive advantage. There is significant value in providing an expert philanthropic resource within your existing menu of services. Clients want, and need, the ability to address their philanthropy within their greater financial and estate plans.

Nonprofits in the US

What high-net-worth individuals are saying


would like to be more knowledgeable about giving


2 in 5 

individuals surveyed said they would be likelier to select an advisor who was knowledgeable about charitable giving


said they are
fully satisfied with philanthropic
discussions with their advisors

want help identifying what they care about and where to give


want to understand how much they can afford to give


of donors want to structure giving for tax efficiency


said they wanted their advisor to refer them to another professional for complex philanthropic needs beyond their advisor’s capabilities

What advisors say

 of advisors surveyed said talking about charitable giving is good for business



said offering charitable giving expertise helped them find new clients


said incorporating philanthropic planning provided inroads with their clients’ extended family.

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How Stein Strategies adds value to your business and for your clients


A two-phased approach: First, I help the client articulate their desired philanthropic impact and goals to the point where they can develop mission statements (Above the Line). Second, I help the client and advisor find the right charitable giving tools to accomplish the mission statement (Below the Line).


I help facilitate the client in articulating their philanthropic passions by discussing traditions around their giving, the motivations for their philanthropy, exploring the client's values and priorities, learning what the client wants to see in the world, and reviewing giving records. Ultimately, this discussion narrows down broad ideas into mission statements and ultimately to individual organizations that interest the client.


After the philanthropic goals have been defined, I help clients and advisors explore the most advantageous and appropriate charitable giving tools to accomplish the client's goals. Charitable giving tools include:

  • Bequests / beneficiary designations

  • Gifts of life insurance

  • Qualified Charitable Distributions

  • Charitable Remainder Trusts

  • Charitable Gift Annuities

  • Gifts of partial or entire real property

  • Retained Life Estates

  • Gifts of tangible personal property


My background in fundraising major and planned gifts for nonprofits gives me the expertise to educate clients on how nonprofit funding works, including differences between funding direct to charity, through donor-advised funds, private foundations, or community foundations. I also educate clients on how to appropriately restrict gifts, the differences between pure and quasi-endowments, current funds, and how funding for capacity versus programming plays into the nonprofit starvation cycle.


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